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South Carolina husband recalls moment he learned his bride was dead

The South Carolina groom who lost his bride on their wedding night after an alleged drunken driver slammed into their golf cart tearfully recounted the moment he learned his new wife was dead.

“I remember waking up just kind of foggy, out of sorts,” Aric Hutchinson, 36, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” of opening his eyes in a hospital after the crash. 

“I could see my mom’s face, and you could just tell something was wrong, and I asked her, ‘Where’s Sam? Where’s Sam?’ And that’s when she told me there was an incident, and Sam didn’t make it,” he recalled.

Hutchinson said he had no memory of Jamie Komoroski, 25, rear-ending their golf cart April 28.  

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around it,” Hutchinson said. “That night going from an all-time high to an all-time low, it’s pretty rough to try to comprehend.”

Jamie Komoroski in a white bikini beside a photo of her and her friends drinking wine.

Jamie Komoroski, left, in a photo posted to Instagram one week before she allegedly killed bride Samantha Miller. On the right, Komoroski is pictured drinking wine with friends. (Instagram)

Although he doesn’t remember the collision, he does recall his bride’s last words to him. 

“I remember her saying she wanted the night to never end,” he said, dabbing his eyes with a white tissue. “That was the last thing she said to me.”

The “Good Morning America” clip shows Hutchinson holding his deceased wife’s wedding band and engagement ring.

Jamie Komoroski's booking photo and a picture of the wedding.

Jamie Komoroski, inset, is charged with killing bride Samantha Miller and seriously injuring groom Aric Hutchinson on the couple’s wedding night when she slammed her car into their golf cart. The couple is shown leaving their South Carolina wedding reception under a canopy of sparklers minutes before the collision. (Charleston County Sheriff’s Office/GoFundMe)

“It’s hard, but it’s also nice,” he said of being in the apartment the couple once shared. “It’s got Sam written all over the house.”

The interviewer asked Hutchison if he had anything to say to Komoroski. 

Aric Hutchison and Samantha Miller on the beach next to an evidence photo of the mangled car and golf cart.

South Carolina groom Aric Hutchinson and his wife Samantha Miller, who was killed on their wedding night by an alleged drunken driver. An evidence photo, right, of the mangled car and golf cart after the collision. (Facebook/Folly Beach Police)

Danny Dalton, a lawyer for Hutchinson, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Komoroski and four bars where she allegedly drank “copious amounts of alcohol” the night of the wreck.

The taverns continued to serve Komoroski, even though she was “grossly and dangerously intoxicated” and “slurred and staggered her way through each of these bars,” the suit alleges.


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