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Company offers ‘baby bonus’ for employees in effort to combat ‘anti-family’ push towards abortion

One anti-woke company is putting its money where its mouth is, offering employees a “baby bonus” to counter the corporate push to encourage abortions as opposed to maternity leave. 

Michael Seifert is the CEO and founder of PublicSq., an app designed to link patriotic businesses with “quality products, services, and exclusive discounts.” He detailed his decision to implement the new policy and why empowering families is essential for the well-being of his company on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend,’ Sunday.

“We did see the world going in this direction that we believe is really anti-family,” Seifert said during “Fox & Friends Weekend.’ “We think that ultimately a company is only as strong as the families that built it, and then for us, we’re a pro-family company. We’re unashamed about that. And we’re actually the largest marketplace in the country of pro-family businesses.”


Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last year, many companies have announced abortion benefits in protest of the historic case. 

Amazon announced it would cover $4,000 in non-life threatening medical treatments, including abortions, if procedures are not available within 100 miles of where the employee lives. 

Bumble, Uber, Lyft, Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, Netflix, Yelp, and others have also followed suit announcing similar policies since the landmark case was overturned. 

“I think that’s really destructive,” he continued. “I actually want more of our employees, family members, because I think they’re great people, and we want their communities to thrive. And we believe that ultimately strong families build a strong nation, and I wish more companies felt the same way.”

Seifert said his employees have wasted no time in reaping the benefits of the new policy. 

“Just in the last month, we’ve had three pregnancies announced,” he said. “So it’s happening. People are excited about it.”

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