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Christie calls Trump 'cheap SOB' for using campaign funds on lawyers: 'Swindling the working man'

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie called former President Donald Trump the “cheapest S.O.B.” he’s “ever met.”

In a Tuesday interview with Politico, Christie took aim at the former president and front-runner to be the GOP’s nominee for president in 2024.

Christie said Trump is “the cheapest S.O.B. I’ve ever met in my life” and that what the former president “is good at is spending other people’s money.”


Trump - The Apprentice

The former New Jersey governor didn’t take long to start fundraising off his shot against Trump, soliciting donations and doubling down on it in a tweet on Wednesday. (Bill Tompkins/Getty Images)

“Question: What do you call a billionaire who refuses to pay his lawyers with his own money – instead uses the money of hard working men [and] women by quietly diverting their donations?” Christie wrote.

“A: Donald Trump; B: Cheap S.O.B; C: All of the above,” Christie wrote with a green checkmark emoji next to “all of the above.”

“Donald Trump has been swindling the working man and woman for decades. His campaign is just the newest version of an old con,” Christie wrote in a follow up tweet. “It’s grift all the way down. Wake up.”

Christie said Sunday that he “expected boos” for attacking Trump before a crowd of social conservatives in Washington, D.C.

Christie, an ABC contributor, appeared on ABC’s “This Week” after addressing the Faith and Freedom Conference alongside other GOP presidential candidates Saturday.

Donald Trump and Chris Christie

Christie said Sunday that he “expected boos” for attacking Trump before a crowd of social conservatives in Washington, D.C. (DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images)

“People understand that folks need to take responsibility for what they do. And my message to the folks of Faith and Freedom, which did get some good reaction, too, but of course, I expected the boos,” Christie told ABC host Jonathan Karl. “That is predominantly a Trump crowd, but they need to hear the truth to that. You know, character is the single most important element of a president of the United States, because you can’t know what every, every issue is going to come across the president’s desk.” 

Fox News Digital’s Danielle Wallace contributed reporting.

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