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American wildlife quiz! How well do you know these stats and facts about animals in the United States?

National Wildlife Week kicks off on Monday, April 10. 

From America’s skies to our landscapes to the deep blue sea, the U.S. has an abundance of birds, critters and fish to admire, learn about and protect. 

In this fun lifestyle quiz, test your knowledge of America’s wildlife — and see how well you do!

American wildlife quiz! Test your knowledge in this lifestyle quiz about animals in the United States

How much do you know about American wildlife? Try it for yourself here!

Which of these U.S. states has the highest known population of mountain lions?

The U.S. contains approximately how many different types of birds?

The female nine-banded armadillo, often found in the southeastern U.S., nearly always gives birth to quadruplets — true or false?

The American robin is the official bird of which group of three states?

The largest alligator ever reported was allegedly found in which U.S. state?

Which animal often blocks traffic in Yellowstone National Park?

The bald eagle shows up on how many U.S. state flags?

Green sea turtles can live to be how many years old?

Which species of owl most commonly inhabits New York City?

    Which endangered bird species was released back into Redwood Parks in 2022 for the first time since 1892?

    Wild rabbits can run up to approximately how many miles per hour?

    What is the best season for whale watching on the East Coast?

    In what habitat are spotted salamanders most likely to be found in the U.S.?

    Ground squirrels can fit more than 20 assorted nuts in their cheeks – true or false?

    Up to how many teeth can a Great White shark have at a time?

    Try again!


    You’ve got some work to do!

    You’re almost a genius!

    You’re a genius!

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